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The next best thing to being there!!!


The records are updated as of 02/14/2018.

Please check them carefully and let me know if I

have made an error. If there is no entry in the weight class & division

 then the record is open but all records must be broken not equaled.

Thanks again and for being the best lifters in all federations!

To convert kilo's to pounds,
kgx2.2046 or kgx2+10% = pounds
If you have any questions or feel that I have made an error in reporting
these record you can write to me at: Click here for email

I will be adding your 4th attempts taken for American Records however these will not be
added into your total, only for the individual lift. I feel you lifted the weight you should receive credit for it.
If anyone would like to add any comment or have pictures they would like to share
please don't hesitate to contact us. Lisa and Carlos Siddell




For Arizona Records